Hate them or love them, but we still have to face the fact that over 80 per cent of all traffic that websites receive comes from the direction of search engines.

As infuriating as it is there is really nothing much you can do when the all-powerful search engine wake up one morning and decide to suddenly change the rules without any warning, causing your agonizing hard work in terms of SEO to be flushed down the drain. Nobody seems to care that you spent months and some small fortune to get your site up there in the first place.

But actually there is plenty that you can do.

Search Engines: How Smart Webmasters Are Fighting Back
You can get your site listed in alternative search engines and web directories that apart from giving you valuable links pointing back at your site will also drive respectable daily traffic in the direction of your site.

When it is true that one of the alternative, less well-known sites will be able to drive the sort of massive traffic that some websites enjoy from the big but sometimes arrogant boys, there are a few ideas you can use and you will soon find that you hardly miss the big boys.

For instance while one of these small search engines and directories such as http://www.mostpopularsites.net/ , http://www.joeant.com/ , and http://www.best-websites.net/ will be able to give you only a handful of traffic every day on their own, by combining quite a number, the figures will quickly add up. A good place to find this collective power of search engines and directories is at http://www.best-web-directories.com/.

Search Engines: Entertain As Several Alternative Methods As You Can Find Because Nobody knows Who The Heir To The Throne Will Be
The really fascinating thing about all these different search engines is the fact that a broad range of different methods and rules are used to rank site popularity. For instance Yahoo! are betting heavily on their new Web 2.0 social search engine where people recommend sites that they have found interesting and useful to others.

Nothing lasts forever, and this is even more true online. What this means is that the only constant thing we can expect on the net is change itself. Nobody knows what the next really big search engine criteria is going to be. And more importantly what particular search engine will come up with it. So what every smart webmaster and blog owner is doing is entertaining as many search engines as they can find. Also with all their different and widely varying criteria, nobody knows whoever the heir to the big 3 search engines throne will be.

Taking the alternative way, as far as search engines are concerned is the smart way to guarantee traffic to your site for many years to come. It allows webmasters to ensure that they have not placed all their eggs, dangerously into just one basket. Instead you will find that they have numerous friendly search engines out there working very hard for them.