Social Media Stats for YouTube…

People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube users are broad in age range, 18-55, evenly divided between males and females, and spanning all geographies.

I will share 7 Types Of Social Media Platforms
The term “social media”-
Any online media that allows users to interact or socialize with another.
Understanding “Web 2.0” –
meet the customer, client or prospect on their turf. I will outline any different types of of social media applications
Social Media networking –

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning ect. Social networking sites allow users to add friends, send messages and share content creating community around like minded interests. This is where you customers, clients, prospect and friends are handing out. It is the new “word of mouth”

Social bookmarking – Digg, Delicious Social bookmarking applications allow users to share their favorite online content with one another while also creating online bookmarks that the user can refer to in the same way he would a bookmark created offline in his web browser.

Blogs – WordPress, TypePad, Blogger as well as many other up and coming, non-branded blogging platforms Bloggers are author that write blogs about any interest he or she has. You blog site is your very own Social Media Site that you control and you can platform media from others of the same interest on your site. Blogs share your message with the world.

Wikis – Wikipedia A wiki refers to online content about any particular topic resulting from multiple users working on the same content, but at different times and from different places.

Photosharing – Flickr, Photobucket Photosharing sites are where people can upload photos to share either privately with only selected other users or publicly.

Geolocation-Gowalla, Foursquare, FacebookPlaces Geolocation sites are generally used and by smart mobile phone. It allow you to share your location with your social connections and visa-versa. This is a fast-growing area of social media as it has unlimited possibilities due to all the cell phone users. Start learning this technology now, it is how the largest audience might be reached.

Video Sharing – YouTube, iMemories Users upload video content to a site for sharing either privately or public. YouTube is actually the largest social media site and an infinite scope

Here is one more as a bonus and there are a few more I didn’t cover here but you’ve your hands full here. Don’t start with them all. Find what’s right for you and stay open to expanding you reach and scope as you learn more.

Meetups/Events and Facebook event invites for example. These are very popular for promoting your group events and attracting new members to your groups.

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