Where Should Your Company Start With Social Media?

Realizing that employing social media in the marketing mix is a long-term commitment to change, the best way to start is to pick manageable, measurable goals.

Pick a small number of social media goals for the coming year. Some possibilities:
Don’t try to do all of these things at once. Pick the ones that are most likely to be possible for your company to start and sustain.
Set up the top 4 social media and take the time to brand them. YouTube, Facebook and business pages with social media hook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of this can be done and automated to capture freinds, followers and leads and drive these people to you Website. Build slowly, create relationships, over deliver, meet the friend or customer on their truf, educate them on your business and gain trust.

In our Social Media Consulting company we do all full service or part of this for our clients. Question,Where is your times more productively spent?

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