No longer do we live in a world where local small businesses are found by thumbing through Yellow Pages phone books and newspaper ads.

For most local buyers immediate search results are essential to their daily living. Local business directories are a great way to get your name out in front of buyers whoever are looking for your products and services. Also with more of these business resources emerging every single day, it is becoming very difficult to keep business profiles up to date and submitted to the latest directories.

Websites like,, and similar portals such as search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, are just a fraction of the number of services that people use every day. There are really over 100 online business directories and search portals that are popular with people whoever are connecting through mobile phones and broadband internet.

How can local small businesses keep all of these local directories up to date and yet still spend time running their business? Until now, you had to hire expensive SEO Experts and consultants whoever charged hundreds of dollars per hour to get your information into all of these services. If you tried to do it yourself, or asked one of your staff to do it, you would have to spend a countless number of hours to try to create a unique login for each site, learn how the site works, and submit your information by hand.

Now, one company has unleashed a tool previously reserved just for SEO experts and specialists. is a local search SEO submission tool used by a variety of SEO experts. distributes vital local small business information to well over 100 local search services and directories. These include all major services such as Google, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and

Darin Brin, SEO Specialist and Managing Director of BizMash Inc said “Using is as simple as completing an online form. Plus, the time you save alone is worth several times our local search submission fee.” Darin went on to say, “We are extremely excited about the response we are receiving from all of our clients.”

Local small businesses are now able to easily use the same website submitter SEO tools that many SEO experts are using today by visiting: