Sydney is a large city which is situated in the state of NSW in Australia. Sydney, which is a large city, is the home of 4.3 million people. Choosing the correct SEO Company in this large city is very tough and you may not know that from where you can start. Search Engine Optimization Sydney often located in North Sydney, South Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney CBD and the eastern suburbs Sydney. To find the best SEO Company there are some factors, they are:-Location:Location is one of the most important factors among others. Nearer location of SEO Company not only saves your money but it also saves your time. Most of the SEO Company is situated in Sydney western because of its nearer locations. Search Engine Optimization Sydney company’s rates are very expensive because of its high rent and overhead cost. North Sydney is pricey too and eastern suburbs are also very expensive. Southern suburbs are nearer to the airport the airport and that’s why these offer better rates and it is about 10 minute distance from the CBD. If you find a company which is being operating from residential area then it is good because they’ll offer you better rate because of its low overhead and low rent.SEO Company Size:Company size can offer you both advantages and disadvantages. The positive point of large SEO Company is that it offers you credibility and security. However it isn’t always true because many of the corporations have gone bank rubbed. The disadvantage or the negative point is: large companies will be needed to charge you a higher rate and it is also possible that they may not deliver you the promised results. But in contrast Small SEO companies may charge you a less and also deliver a better result that you can never expect.Experience:Experience is very important in this business but is does not relate with higher ranking. There are many bigger SEO agencies in Sidney who states that they are the well known and oldest in this field and can deliver you the best. But it isn’t true, because there are so many young SEO firms in Sydney which can create better SEO results than older once. Being experienced is good in this type of field but it might be overcome by new SEO techniques. The Search Engine Optimization Sydney always changes it strategies and discovers new SEO techniques are daily. Older SEO companies are till now using old techniques which was good earlier but it is being outdated now days. Younger company might be more active. So it is confusing that which one to choose as the best for you, an older company or a younger company. Three simple points can help you, one is SEO case studies two is current clients and three is higher ranking than others. You should also check the cost of the each case study and you must measure the return from the investment. In conclusion it will be better if you to find an agency which guarantees you lower price and who can maximize the number of the visitors for minimum fess and can also disregard the firm size and practicing time span.