Before we begin building, we must ensure there is a need for this product in the market. We encourage our partners to validate their idea through early feedback from a well defined audience. You are charged with identifying the pain points and how this product will solve them. Once this has been accomplished, our team can begin to define the product scope and high level strategy for implementation.


Here is where the construction starts. Design Driven Development (DDD) is a method of creating visual artifacts prior to writing code in order to align our teams, verify features and reduce the potential of rework. Each design which displays page layout and functionality will be used as a blueprint for product development.


Our team naturally employs agile methods, which basically means you’ll be part of the building process each step of the way. Along with our designs, we’ll prioritize User Stories into weekly iterations of deliverable functionality. An early review, hands on approach will allow for rapid feedback and increased collaboration to ensure we remain in sync. Each week, a new iteration is defined building upon the last. When we’ve reached what we collectively consider the minimum viable product (MVP), we’ll deploy to market and begin on boarding the early adopters for additional feedback and planning.