Anybody who is into Internet marketing needs to understand the basic rules for this type that is totally different from usual marketing done in companies. People in this field also need to know that these rules keep changing with time, so they have to keep themselves updated.

The managers need to have enough knowledge about these rules in order to allocate budget properly. He/she should be aware of the limitations each tool have regarding ROI.

Remember, Internet marketing is a two-way marketing tool encouraging customers to communicate & is totally different from traditional marketing that merely delivers the company’s message to the customers. As Internet changes the way we communicate with our customers, it also provides us with a long list of tools to choose from. The most commonly used ones are email marketing, PPC advertising, banner advertising, link popularity, lead generation, article marketing, search engine optimization, online press releases, tapping blogs, contextual text advertising, text link advertising, pop-ups & pop-unders, etc.

Generally, it’s wise to keep the 10 following rules to succeed:

1.Use a variety of techniques:
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket & never go for only one technique at a time. Make a list of all those techniques that suit your marketing objective. Just to get started & to understand the trend, you can research about what your competitors are doing on the Internet.

2.Invest a small amount in every tool when you first use it:
As a general rule, don’t put a lot of money in a tool that you have not used before. This also applies to off-line marketing tools.

3.Be persistent in Internet marketing:
Do Internet marketing as a regularly as possible. With each passing day, it’s becoming more difficult to get the traffic attracted, as the competition is getting more & more tough.

4.Use these Internet marketing tools to build relationship with your customers:
Don’t forget to follow-up after every contact with your customer. This can be done by just sending thank you cards to your customers or sending season’s greetings so that they know you remember & care for them.

5.See Internet marketing as a long-time effort:
Don’t expect changes overnight. Remember, you might not succeed the first time you use a particular Internet marketing tool. This doesn’t mean that you should not use that technique ever again. Keep learning from your mistakes & you’ll succeed.

6.Test your tool:
Always test the tool before a visitor lands on that page so that the required changes are made on time.

7.Never restrict your marketing to Internet only:
Doing marketing on Internet doesn’t mean that you stop marketing off-line. Keep using those traditional marketing methods side by side.

8.Keep learning new Internet marketing techniques:
Always be on a lookout to know at once of the new techniques coming up.

9.Be different from others:
You cannot attract your target market unless you do it in a unique way. Try to be different from competitors. Don’t be a follower, be a leader.

10.Measure your result:
Your marketing campaign doesn’t end till you track & measure the result produced by running it. Each Internet marketing tool requires a different method of measuring its success. Have a thorough knowledge of these ways even before putting your hands in any tool.