Google is one of the {biggest|major|largest|greatest} players {online|on the net|on the web|on the internet|internet}. If you own a {website|webpage|site|internet site}, your first {task|activity} is to {take advantage of|use} the {free|free of cost} submission to Google. There are {several|quite a few|numerous|a number of} {search|seek|look for} engines being {used|utilized} today but Google {remains|keeps|continues|stays} on {top|top notch|best}. {Just|Only} {imagine|visualize|envision|think|picture} landing on the first page of the {search|seek|look for} {results|consequences|outcomes}. This would mean more traffic, and for a business owner, more {profits|earnings|gains}.

Whenever {people|consumers|many people|persons} {use|apply|utilize} the {web|website} and {look for|search for|seek|find} {particular|special} {information|details|facts|material|data|info}, {certain|specific|particular} {keywords|phrases|key words|key terms|key phrases} or {phrases|words|terms|key phrases} are {used|utilized}. Your {website|webpage|site} must be {highly|greatly|really|extremely} {relevant|applicable} to the {keywords|phrases|key words|key terms|key phrases} in order to land on the {top|best} {results|benefits|consequences|outcomes}. Google is {currently|now|presently} {using|applying|utilizing} an advanced and {extremely|remarkably|really|very} {complex|elaborate|complicated} mechanism to {rank|get ranking|rate} {websites|web-sites|webpages|sites}.

All the {web pages|web sites|internet sites|websites|webpages} visited by Google are {maintained|preserved} in a {comprehensive|detailed|thorough} {database|data store|list|data bank}. When someone {conducts|performs} an {online|internet} {search|look}, Google will {rank|show up|rate|list} {websites|web pages|webpages|sites|web sites} that {contain|consist of|include|have} {relevant|applicable} content. {Because of this|That is why|For this reason}, a free submission to Google can be {beneficial|favorable|worthwhile|valuable|advantageous}.

You see, there are millions of {websites|webpages|web pages|sites} on the {web|net|internet}. If you have a new {website|webpage|site|web site}, you need to {submit|present} it to Google so that the spiders can crawl on your {web pages|websites|webpages}. You must {aim to|make an effort to|try to|make an attempt to} get {higher|better} {ranks|standing|rating|rates} because this means that your {site|web page|web site|webpage|website} is of {great|excellent} {importance|benefits|value|significance} and {contains|includes|consists of} {quality|good|high quality} content.

Your {task|activity} doesn’t end with free submission to Google. You {need to|ought to|have to} {determine|identify|find out} {websites|webpages|web pages|sites|web sites} with {relevant|applicable} content that are already {indexed|listed} by {search|seek|look for} engines. There is a need to {obtain|acquire|get} links from these {websites|web pages|webpages|sites|web sites}. Once Google crawl the existing {website|webpage|web page|site|web site}, it will also {follow|go along with} the links. Hence, if you have a link, Google will also be able to {index|list} your {website|web page|webpage|site|web site}.

Getting links is {vital|significant|necessary|critical|crucial|essential|important}. You see, {thousands|enormous amounts|many} of {website|webpage|site|web site} owners’ avail of the free submissions {every day|day-to-day|regularly|everyday|daily|each day}. You will not lose {anything|things|something} with the {site|web page|webpage|website} submission because it is free of charge. {To do this|To start|To make this happen|To begin this|To get this done}, you {have to|will need to|ought to|need to} {submit|present} the {form|sort|kind|type|shape} provided by Google and you can {do|carry out|perform} this {directly|immediately}. After {filling out|submitting|completing} the {form|shape}, you {have to|should|ought to|need to} make {sure|certain} that you have a {site|web page|website} {map|guide|chart} and {submit|present} it {as well|too}.

Your {next|following|then} {task|activity} is to {obtain|receive|get} backlinks. {Only|Just} qualified backlinks can {help|assist|aid} you; this {pertains|relates|belongs} to the links from {relevant|suitable|applicable} {websites|webpages|web pages|internet sites|sites|web sites}. Google spiders can {find|get|look for|locate} your {site|web page|webpage|website|web site|internet site} {quickly|speedily|immediately|easily|rapidly} if you have {a lot of|numerous|many|plenty of|lots of} backlinks. For {bloggers|writers|blog owners|blog writers}, you can also have your {blog|blog page|web log|weblog} URL listed.

You cannot {expect|hope} {immediate|instantaneous|instant} {results|outcomes} even after you’ve {finished|done|completed} the {free|zero cost} submission to Google. {Oftentimes|Generally|Typically|Frequently|Often}, it will take about a month before the {search|seek|look for} engines can {find|look for|locate} your {website|web page|site|webpage|web site}. If you need {better|much better|more suitable|more effective} visibility {online|on the net|on-line|on the internet}, you can also {submit|present} your {site|web-site|webpage|web page|web site|website} to {other|alternative|different} {search|seek|look for} engines {like|for instance|for example|such as} Yahoo.

{Learn|Know|Understand} the {basics|concepts|principles|fundamentals} on how to make a free submission. There are also third party services that you can {use|apply|utilize} in order to {submit|present} to Google. {However|But|On the other hand|Nevertheless}, it usually {entails|involves|requires|consists of} a {small|little} {fee|expense|cost}. {Aside|Besides} from the free submissions, you {have to|will need to|ought to|need to} {use|apply|utilize} other {tools|programs|instruments|methods} {like|including|for example|for instance|such as} {advertisements|advertisings|advertising|ads}. This can {help|allow|aid|assist} {search|seek|look for} engines in {finding|searching for|locating} your {site|webpage|web-site|web page|web site|website} as well.

{Make use of|Employ|Make full use of|Use} all the available {tools|programs|instruments|methods|equipment|resources} {online|internet|on the web|on the internet} and have your {site|webpage|web page|internet site|web site|website} {indexed|listed} by {major|main} {search|seek|look for} engines. A {free|free of charge} submission to Google is {just|only} your {initial|preliminary|original|primary|first} {step|stage} to {enjoy|have fun with|like} {online|on the net|internet|on-line|on the internet} visibility, so take it {seriously|significantly}!