There are many myths related to SEO and SEO company. Some of them are so typical that many online marketers take them to be true and stick to the misconceptions. ROI being the prhyme matter of consideration, the webmasters ignore the SEO myths and look for the best SEO company that can help them generate revenue out of their online business. Here are some of the typical myths about the SEO company

The Best SEO Company can Guarantee top 10 Ranking
There are many SEO companies that promise top 10 rankings for their clients and persuade them to hire their services. Some of the online marketers are also in the misconception that hiring one of the best SEO companies can make their way to top rankings on the search engine result pages. But the truth is the rankings are the rewards by the search engines given to a website considering their quality and usability for the users. Hence, although making your decision about selecting an SEO service provider make sure that you go by the past performance record of the company not by the promises.

Once the top Rank is Achieved it Lasts for Ever
It is still a popular misconception among the webmasters that once they achieve top rankings on the search engine result pages it will last for ever. Unfortunately for them, SEO is an ongoing process and you have to continue the optimization process of your website when you need to continue and achieve success in your online business. The SEO service providers discover and implement latest techniques so as to retain the positions on the SERPs.

More the number of Inbound Links, Higher is the Page Rank and SERP Rankings
The secrets of quality inbound links are still unknown to many SEO companies. Some SEO service providers go on building links without considering the quality of the links; where as the major search engines give priority to quality, not quantity. If you are hiring an SEO company ensure that they give importance to links from reputed and relevant sites. Avoiding any spammy technique of link building is equally important if you need to avoid any penalty by the search engines.

More traffic Means More Conversion Rate
Several webmaster foster the misconception that more number of traffic can result in higher conversion rate. It is not true always. If your SEO Company promises you to generate more traffic, make sure that they are talking about niche traffic. Achieving high rankings in search engines and generating more traffic are two different aspects. You may get high ranks on SERPs and get more online visitors to your website, but it is difficult to say that it can increase your conversion rate.

SEO Service Provider Can Guarantee Conversation Rate
No SEO company can guarantee increased conversion rate on the website they are optimizing as it is basically dependent on the webmasters and the quality of services they are providing. Of course, the best SEO company can ensure you getting most target traffic by reaching out to the niche audience.

Once you are aware of the truth about the SEO companies, you can take informed decision while selecting an SEO service provider.